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Setting up

With the game disc (Riivolution)



  1. Open custom_quests_c014/apps and copy the rii folder into the apps folder of your SD card.
  2. Copy custom_quests_c014/riivolution folder to the root of your SD card – if there is already a riivolution folder in your SD card root (meaning that you've already used Riivolution in the past), just copy the contents of the riivolution folder into it.
  3. Insert the disc and start the HBC.
    Load Riivolution. Note: if you see a black screen with some text, just press A and wait a moment.
  4. riiscreenthumb.png
    Press LAUNCH.

Parameters (press A on the arrows to change them)
Displayed name Default choice Description
Custom Quests (c014) Enabled Allows you to play custom quests. MUST be enabled.
Custom Textures Enabled Allows the use of custom textures. Optional.
Savegame Redirection Disabled During your play, the game save stored in the Wii memory won't be touched; instead, a copy will be created on your SD card and that one will be modified whenever you save. Optional.

With a loader


  • A Monster Hunter Tri iso, a HR18+ character and the Ceadeus already repelled in offline mode;
  • custom_quests_c014 pack unzipped with 7-Zip.


  1. In Trucha Signer 0.21, double-click on wiikeyset.reg, press Yes then OK. Now delete wiikeyset.reg since you won't ever need it anymore. Make a copy of your game iso since we're going to modify it.
  2. Open trucha.exe, Select KeySetCustom KeySet 1; then ImageOpen ISO ➜ select the iso to be modified ➜ OK ➜ double-click on DISCPARTITIONROOT05 ➜ right-click on quest01_eng.binReplace ➜ find the quest01_eng_c014.bin that came in custom_quests_c014/riivolution/mh3custom/quests ➜ OK. Then, find ROOT02 ➜ right-click on em_data.rsoReplaceem_data_c014.rso ➜ OK.
Optional, for custom textures
File to replace [ROOT/]… …by [custom_quests_c014/riivolution/mh3custom/textures/] Description
10/em005/em005.brres em005_c014.brres Coral-turquoise Barioth
10/em006/em006.brres em006_c012.brres Golden Diablos
10/em020/em020.brres em020_c002.brres Blue-beard Ceadeus
10/em025/em025.brres em025_c014.brres Water Jhen Mohran
15/m06d/m06a01d/m06a01d.brres m06a01d_c014.brres Great Ocean map (day)
15/m06n/m06a01n/m06a01n.brres m06a01n_c014.brres Great Ocean map (night)

  • Once you've replaced the files, right-click on PARTITIONTrucha Sign It! ➜ OK then ImageClose ISO and exit the program. Transfer the iso you've modified to your USB/SD storage device and launch the game with your usual loader.

Remarks concerning custom quests

  • ALL players must have set up the custom quests – playing with a host who did it IS NOT enough!
  • Each custom quest is replacing a 1★ star online quest (“Sunken Treasures” becomes “!God of the Deep Abysses”, “The Perfect Panacea” ➜ “!Triple Diablos”, “The Jaggi Menace” ➜ “!Rumble in the Great Ocean” and “Help the Hunter” ➜ “!A Family Outing”).
  • In a normal Ceadeus quest, if you don't kill the monster within 30 minutes, its health points are saved and it'll be directly in area 3 at the beginning of the next quest. MAKE SURE THAT IT IS NOT THE CASE: THE CEADEUS MUST BE IN AREA 1 AT THE BEGINNING; if necessary, go kill him, but alone.

cq012receptionist_q1.jpg cq012receptionist_q2.jpg cq012receptionist_q3.jpg

Further information

Bugs and help

Known issues

  • Sometimes, the positioning of the Ceadeus seems to be slightly broken. No real impact on gameplay.


Please read the FAQ below. If you are still experiencing issues, mail me at: lzuk.png

Frequently Asked Questions
Q01: Will playing custom quests in online mode get me banned by CAPCOM?
A: No, unless you haven't already repelled the Ceadeus in offline mode (“Save Moga Village!” quest).
Q02: Is this compatible with the PAL (European+Australian) / NTSC-U (American) version of the game? Will it work for languages other than English?
A: Yes, custom quests and textures are compatible with both PAL and NTSC-U. However, it won't work with other versions such as the Japanese one (NTSC-J) and the Korean one. English/French/German/Italian/Spanish languages will all work; just be sure to replace the correct file if you're using the with a loader method, i.e. quest01_eng.bin if you play in English, quest01_fre.bin for French, quest01_spa.bin for Spanish etc.
Q03: I followed the With a loader method, but when I load the game, I get a permanent black screen.
A: It is recommended to use uLoader and IOS 223. Please also note that you should use a “proper” iso i.e. dumped from an original game disc, and not an iso downloaded from the Internet (although it should work flawlessly if it worked before applying those modifications). Try re-doing the process, still using an unmodified iso. Be sure you've got the latest IOS on your console; check with pimp my wii.
Q04: I think I've followed the guide perfectly well, however the quests won't show up in the list / they already showed up before but they have disappeared!
A: The online quest lists are random. Start a quest and abandon to refresh them.
Q05: What happens if I pick a custom quest when one (or more) other hunter does not have those custom quests installed?
A: On his screen, he'll see the normal 1★ star online quest and not the custom quest which replaces it (for example, if you choose “!God of the Abysses” he'll see “Sunken Treasures”). Do NOT launch the quest if not all players have custom quests installed; I have not tested it myself but it seems that the game checks if all players have the same quest data while the quest is loading, so it will most likely return an error.
Q06: What are all those numbers on your videos / how can I get HP display for MH3?
A: These numbers are live-updated data of boss monsters and minions which are currently present in the quest, including HP values, Stamina, tolerances, size and other stuff. The point of custom quests is not using cheats, so if you want HP display for MH3 please look for it yourself. I have been using MID in my videos for testing purposes only.
Q07: Is it possible to make Barioth appear in Sandy Plains / fight Uragaan in the Great Desert / create new attacks for the Alatreon / add stages to the game?
A: Possibilities are limited, custom quests are just like CAPCOM's Events so don't expect them to realize such things.
Q08: Am I FORCED to apply custom textures to make custom quests work?
A: No. Like said in the guide, custom textures are optional.


Date Version Changes
2011•04•23 c014 Added “!A Family Outing”, and the other 3 quests got updated. Still pretty beta so expect a few bugs appearing.
2011•04•20 c012 Compatible with both PAL and NTSC-U games in any language: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (the text part will not be fully translated if you play in German/Italian/Spanish). New custom quest pack includes the old Ceadeus online quest unchanged, a new hard Triple Diablos quest in Land Arena with quaint settings, and the Jhen+ Event quest untouched except for time limit – 31 minutes instead of 30.


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